“What are you doing ?”


Ext - Suburban street – day

We’re DRIVING down a tree-lined suburban street.
We finally stop at a well-kept UPPER MIDDLE-CLASS house complete
with white picket fence.
from Desperate Housewives, SEASON ONE Episode 01

We provide top of the range senior planning. Substantial luxury, fashion and beauty experiences allow us to provide premium added value, particularly in those three sectors, but not exclusively. Our range of interventions covers the following :

New brands Positioning • universe • name search
Brand structure  Brand purpose • equities • brand pyramids • Manifestos (including video) Brand architectures
Brand change  SWOT analysis • definition of new brand territories • roadmap of evolution
Brand innovation  Creative concepts for new initiatives • trend-based innovation tools • moodboards and moodtapes • name search
Campaign ideas  Analysis of communication environment • creative brief • holistic deployment
Corporate branding  Expand brand life beyond product : sponsoring • events • conversations higher order commitments
Workshops & Traings  Helping clients from within : find new creativity • ideation pass on category experiences • Brainstorming session
Research & Panels  Bespoke expert panels; creative testing plans in collaboration  with research agencies
Millennial Expertise  Panels, Millennial Farm © research, trends, insights
Start-up  Identity, branding, content, website